Become a Precinct Delegate

How do I become a Precinct Delegate?

A precinct delegate has decided to work toward better government on local, state and national levels which will result in making our country a better place to live.

A precinct delegate is a registered voter in the precinct where they reside, who decides to file a notarized Affidavit of Identity with the township, city or county clerk, resulting in their name being placed on the August primary ballot.

If elected in the August primary, a precinct delegate will go on to serve a 2 year term where they are a representative of their precinct, which could be up to 2,999 people.

If a candidate misses the filing deadline there is the possibility of being seated by vote of the elected body at the County Convention, either permanently or temporarily, if there are vacancies in the district in which they reside.

It is the responsibility of the precinct delegate to represent his or her District at Republican County Conventions. After that, interest in representing Jackson at State Conventions is a possibility.

If you are interested in becoming a precinct delegate, head over to the Michigan Secretary of State Website where you will find the Affidavit of Identify for Precinct Delegate form.

I am a Precinct Delegate, now what?

You will be notified by the County Clerk after the August Primary if you have been elected as a precinct delegate. You will also get a Call to Convention from the Jackson County Republican Party letting you know the date, location and time of the County Convention.

At the August County Convention, we will be electing delegates and alternates to the August State Convention to choose candidates for  State Board of Education, State University Boards and Justices of the Supreme Court. . This is the first opportunity to have influence in and serve your own constituents.

Michigan counties may use different methods of determining representation. Some use the At Large method with delegates from all areas of the county vying for the privilege of attending the State Conventions. Others, generally smaller counties, have equal numbers of delegates from each township/village.

Jackson uses a caucus system putting together contiguous precincts of like population from which to choose delegates. The methods may be changed by vote with proper notice if the method is in the By-laws; by informal vote in other circumstances.

The first State Convention of this election cycle will be called in August to choose candidates for State Board of Education, University of Michigan Regents, Michigan State University Trustees and Justices of the Supreme Court. This is the first opportunity to have influence in and serve your own constituents.

What can I do in my precinct?

We hope that you will help identify neighbors who also are conservative thinking and can be encouraged to vote for Republican candidates. The Jackson County Republican Party can provide you with a list of identified Republicans in your precinct.

There are many ways to accomplish this goal:

  • Look at a precinct map and become familiar with your boundaries and neighborhoods.
  • Look at the demographics of your area including couples with children, working couples, senior citizens, subdivisions, apartments, single family homes, sidewalks or any other information you might find relevant. Looking for schools and shopping centers can be a great place to meet prospective Republican Party supporters.
  • Look for good sign locations for Republican candidates within your precinct.
  • Determine how many people you already know in your precinct.
  • Reach out to fellow Republicans by knocking on doors, making phone calls or sending out mailings (Party bulk mail permit can be used).

The above possibilities plus your own observations should help you determine the methods of your effectiveness. If you believe your area can best be served by having block captains with already established close neighborhood relationships, we will have training sessions available.